Chinese stymie U.S. hunt for parts [The Pittsburgh Tribune-Review]

June 18--Senate investigators are returning from Hong Kong after China on Friday again refused their entry into the mainland to investigate the manufacture of counterfeit military parts for the American F-15 ... Read More

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: 06/18/2011

Outsourcing manufacturing hurts U.S.

For more than 30 years, American economists and policymakers have worshiped a false god. ... Read More

: Henry R. Nothhaft
: 05/22/2011
: SF Gate

Semiconductor life cycle management helps plan for extended program lifetimes

Unlike typical commercial product lifetimes of a few years, most aerospace and defense program lifetimes are measured in decades. A significant dichotomy exists between the short lifetimes and large volumes of commercial products and the long lifetimes and smaller volumes of aerospace and defense programs. ... Read More

: Dean Frazier
: 04/01/2011
: Military & Aerospace Electronics

DOD Microelectronics Effort Aims To Yield Savings, Boost Security

A $91 million line item for the acquisition of commercial microelectronics in the Defense Department's fiscal year 2012 defense budget request could yield "several hundred million dollars in savings" while boosting the security of its supply chain, according to a source close to the effort. ... Read More

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: 03/09/2011
: Newsstand

New regulations reflect growing concern over supply chains for government systems

As early as this summer, OEMs and component makers who sell to the US Department of Defense may be required to supply more documentation to assure the DOD of the security of their supply chains. ... Read More

: Tam Harbert
: 02/01/2011

The case for efficient electronics manufacturing in the United States

The tremendous decline in U.S. manufacturing in favor of foreign manufacturing in Mexico, Eastern Europe, and Asia has been fueled by the presumption that lower costs are achieved in those locales. Military and other government customers, however, would prefer U.S. manufacturing for reasons regarding security, confidentiality, and compliance. ... Read More

: Buzz Hofmann, Lennart Pitzele, and Howard Cyker
: 11/01/2010
: Military & Aerospace Electronics

ZTE buys $3B in chips from US companies, senators cite security concerns with China-based firm

China-based telecommunications equipment specialist ZTE has signed $3 billion worth of purchase agreements with Altera, Broadcom, Freescale, Qualcomm, and TI. Separately, US congressional leaders suggest ZTE's work in the US could pose a threat to national security. ... Read More

: Suzanne Deffree
: 10/26/2010
: Electronics Design, Strategy, News (EDN)

Science Fiction-style Sabotage A Fear In New Hacks

SAN JOSE, California (AP) — When a computer attack hobbled Iran's unfinished nuclear power plant last year, it was assumed to be a military-grade strike, the handiwork of elite hacking professionals with nation-state backing. ... Read More

: Jordan Robertson
: 10/24/2010
: Manufacturing Business & Technology