Jon Scadden

Jon combines extensive semiconductor manufacturing/packaging expertise with a comprehensive background in business development and Outsourcing success to include the disciplines of masking, lithography , operations and packaging. Educated at San Jose State University,  Fairchild Semiconductor and National Semiconductor.. Jon went on to a very successful career in executive sales & marketing of advanced capital equipment with the likes of GCA Corporation, Materials Research Coporation and Tegal ( a spin-off of Motorola Corp ). In 1995 Jon launched Strategic Solutions to provide critical advice and consultation to to both chipmakers and equipment manufacturers and was the keystone of the first outsourced Ion Implant service in the industry through his asociation with Innovion.

Leveraging his decades long experience with early-on production of government-centric semiconductors, Mr Scadden launched the American MIni Foundry in late 2010. This initiative of the Strategic Solutions Inc organization is dedicated to establishing the first bonafide secure facility for the development and LVM of advanced integrated devices on 200mm and 300mm wafers solely dedicated to critical defense and military applications.

This facility will support the existing Trusted Fab Program and provide synergy with the U.S. industry equipment and materials suppliers as well as leading academic Centers of Excellence. This is a “Made in America” campaign.

Mr Scadden resides in the rolling hills of the Sierra Nevada range outside Sacramento, CA and is a former member of the SEMI Sales and Marketing Executive Council.