Europe has a lot to say about Counterfeit Semiconductors. Part I: When can you compare a semiconductor to a sausage?

Everyone knows that counterfeit is not limited to just electronics. But, as one of our OCM contacts said today, “A counterfeit purse is still a purse. Yes, it’s harmful to the company’s brand, but you’re not going to get hurt or die if the handle breaks off prematurely…”

Electronics counterfeiting is like fake medicine or tainted food. Munich offers some of the finest food in the world. Authentic traditional sausages, beer and cheeses to start! When you can have the best, why would you want to bite into a sausage that used sawdust as filler or cheese that used toxic chemicals to accelerate the aging process? When it comes to a semiconductor, one that is sub-par either in specification or as an outright fake, can harm you just as quickly as food poisoning received from a poorly made sausage. And as we are all aware, semiconductors make their way into life sustaining critical daily operation systems.

What we’re finding out is that proliferation of counterfeit is just as bad in Europe as it is in the United States.

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