Secure Solution for U.S. Manufacture Of Advanced Application-Specific Semiconductor Devices

Addressing the growing national security threats posed by the semiconductor industry’s loss of leadership in technology development and manufacturing

The Department of Defense, NSA, DARPA, Air Force, Navy, Army, and Department of Energy can no longer rely on a secure supply of advanced semiconductor devices for deployment in mission-critical intelligence, defense, power grid, or telecommunications systems. The economic and technical realities of producing advanced semiconductors have forced much U.S. technology leadership offshore and made it cost-prohibitive to provide the small-lot custom manufacturing required by the U.S. government. The result is inadequate access and breach of the supply chain with counterfeit and compromised chips.

The American MiniFoundry is a proposed solution to completely eliminate this security threat.  It will be the first bonafide secure facility on U.S. soil dedicated for the development and low-volume manufacturing of advanced integrated devices on 200mm and 300mm wafers for critical defense and military applications. This facility will support the existing Trusted Fab Program and provide synergy with U.S. industry equipment and materials suppliers as well as leading academic Centers of Excellence. This is a “Made in America” campaign designed to restore integrity and security to the advanced semiconductor supply chain and to reclaim U.S. research and development capability from foreign countries.

Strategic Solutions and members of the MiniFoundry Advisory Board are actively meeting with state and local governments to procure an appropriate location and incentive for this facility. In addition, we are seeking support from federal and state legislators, the U.S. military, NSA, DARPA, DOE, and their research centers and suppliers to raise the seed money to launch this effort in 2012. We are also actively interfacing with the U.S. supplier base, where we are finding overwhelming support for this concept.

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